CSAs (Environment)

Community-supported agriculture, generally called CSA, allows residents to buy local, seasonal produce directly from a farmer in their community, most commonly by purchasing “shares” of a farmer’s monthly yield. They’re also a great way to support local farmers and gain access to the freshest food available. Various types of CSAs are available to DC- metro residents through the farms and entities shown below. For the interactive Washington Post’s map of 72 farms that have CSAs in the DC area follow this link.

Owl’s Nest Farm CSA

logo for Owl’s Nest Farm CSA

Owl’s Nest Farm grows unique, delicious, diverse vegetables on four acres in Upper Marlboro, MD, just twenty miles from Washington, DC. Managed cooperatively by farmer-friends Spencer Ellsworth, Genevieve Fulco and Liz Whitehurst, Owl’s Nest Farm uses organic practices to grow real food for our CSA members, farmer’s market customers, restaurants, and friends.

Owl’s Nest Farm CSA

Owl’s Nest Farm CSA - Specific Information on CSAs

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