2021 Urban Grower Course

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DPR Urban Grower Webinar Series

Now more than ever people are understanding the importance of growing our own food. That’s why during this time of social distancing the DC Parks and Rec (DPR) Urban Grower Course has been converted into an all online webinar course called the DPR Urban Grower Webinar Course. The DPR Urban Grower Webinar Course is a FREE online course focused on teaching people all the basics of gardening from building a home garden to cooking and preserving your harvest.

March 24 – Building a Garden
March 26 – Vegetable Planting and Maintenance
March 31 – Garden Calendar
April 2 – Starting Seeds and Propagating at Home
April 7 – Container Gardening
April 9 – Garden Pest, Diseases, and Weeds
April 14 – Critter Proofing, Season Extension, and Garden Carpentry
April 16 – Urban Composting
April 21 – Urban Fruit trees
April 23 – Food Justice 101: National/International Issues
April 28 – Food Justice 201: Local Issues
April 30 – Harvesting, Cooking, and Preservin

Class Presentations

Each presentation will be loaded before the start of each webinar class.

*** These presentations are the property of Josh Singer. Its okay to share for personal use but please contact joshsinger3070@gmail.com for permission to publish in any way ***

DPR Urban Grower Webinar Presentations

Class Recordings

Closed Captioning (cc) is either prerecorded or available through Youtube at the button on the bottom right of each video screen labeled “cc”

1.Building a Garden
– Garden Requirements
– Soil Preparation
– Garden Bed Creation
– Garden Design

2. Garden Planning, Planting, and Maintenance
– Garden Planning Considerations
– Garden Planting Tips
– Garden Maintenance Tips

3. Garden Calendar
– Growing Seasons of DC
– What to do in the Garden each Month of the Year

4. Growing Seedlings and Propagating at Home
– Why
– Choosing What to Plant
– Growing Seedlings at Home
– Planting What you Grow
– DIY Propagation
– Resource

5. Container Gardens
– Best Plants for Containers
– Container Growing Tips
– Types of Containers
– Drainage and Soil
– Container Maintenance
– Self-Watering Container

6. Garden Pests, Diseases, and Weed
Garden Pests
Garden Diseases
Garden Weed

7. Critter Proofing, Season Extension, and Garden Carpentry
Critter Proofing
Season Extensions
Hardware & Materials
Power and Hand Tools

8. Urban Composting
What is Compost
Compost Science
Urban Best Practices
Alternative Composting Systems
Compost Tea
Urban Compost Safety Guide

9. Urban Fruit Trees and Berries
Types of DC Fruit Trees and Berries
Planting Considerations
Fruit Tree Maintenance

10. Food Justice 101: National/International Issues
What is Food Justice
History of Our Industrial Food System
The Real Farm to Table: Farm and Food Worker Rights
Farmworker Rights Campaigns
International Campaigns
Food Worker Rights
Environmental Injustice
Animal Welfare
Responsible Consumerism

11. Food Justice 201: Local Issues
Food Deserts vs Food Apartheids
Roots of Food Apartheids
Food Sovereignty
Strategies of Food Sovereignty
DC Food Justice Movement

12. Gardening, Harvesting, and Preserving from the Garden
Harvesting Tips
Alternative Edibles
Cooking Techniques for Garden Veggies
Food Preservation Tips

2020 Urban Grower Course Class Recordings

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