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Welcome to DUG’s Community Platform – a place for discussion and community writing related to gardening and agriculture in the District. We are excited to use this space to learn and share knowledge about food security, sustainability, and experiences from the D.C. community.

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Acknowledging the way think pieces pull on levels of nuance and perspective, we would like this platform to focus on the experience of D.C. If you can find a link for it on DUG’s website, it’s probably something we’d be happy to showcase! Propose anything from greenwashing in the District to the realities of composting in Ward 8. From educating children about gardening to how mobile farmers markets are disrupting an intentional food apartheid system. We are interested in all of your thoughts and your commitment to writing an article which is both honest and accurate.

As a new adventure, we are open to hearing what topics are important to you and what you would like to see as featured content!

Want to Submit an Article?

If you would like to make your voice heard or have a topic or article to submit please do so here.

DC Urban Gardener’s Network reserves the right to not publish anytime. Submissions must be between 800-1200 words, including all applicable resources. To submit an article, follow the link above and include a title, a text copy, and a Word document. If your article is accepted, you will be contacted by the Editing Manager to review the document about moving forward with publishing on the DUG website and across DUG social media accounts.

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