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Are you looking for ways to learn about and access nutritious food? We have assembled  a round-up of some of DC’s most useful resources to learn about food access in DC. You can jump to a specific section using these links:



Here you can find educational guides, resources and curated summaries related to food access in DC.  These tools can help you find nutritional food markets, food access programs and policies that help improve food access.

Brightest Young Things Farmers Markets Guide

The Brightest Young Things guide to the greater DC Farmers Markets.

The Capital Area Food Bank Network

Search engine for food, health, housing, job training programs in DC by zip code.

Capital Area Food Bank Produce Guides

Need more guidance about how to store, prepare or learn about how to eat fresh produce. These guides will give you what you need to know!

DC Greens Community Food Guides

Are you looking for access to healthy and nutritious food? DC Greens has prepared a guide to help you find places to access good food near you!

DC Greens DC Food Policy Summary

DC Greens summaries all relevant DC Food Policy in the last decade via this link.

DC Greens Farm to School Resource Summary

Looking for opportunities to bring fresh, local produce accessible and available at a DC school? DC Greens has got you covered.

DC Hunger Solutions Guide: How to use SNAP/Food Stamps, WIC, and Senior FMNP at D.C. Farmers Markets

DC Hunger Solutions has provided a guide to help you use popular food access programs to purchase healthy, local produce and foods

DC Free Summer Meals Program Meal Finder

Kids and teens under the age of 18 can eat free in DC at specific sites and locations. The Office of the State Superintendent of Education offers a guide about this.

DCOA Senior Service Network Organizational  Chart

DC Office on Aging (DCOA) created this  organization chart of all senior services DCOA offers from senior wellness centers to meal and nutrition programs.

True Foods GMO Purchasing Guide

Guide to help purchase non GMO products and brands.

WIC Clinic Locations

DC Department of Health has provided a list of Women, Infants and Children (WIC) Clinic Locations.



Looking to get oriented to the DC food system? We’ve brought together the best interactive maps as well as lists of food systems and markets in DC.Oh, and don’t forget to check out our very own DUG Network organization map!

DC Greens Farmers Market Poster

This map provides an overview of where residents can use Senior Checks, WIC and SNAP/EBT programs to purchase food at DC farmer’s markets.

Rooting DC Food System Map

This interactive map is a strong resource for finding school gardens, some community gardens and farmer’s markets in DC.

Washington Post Greater DC Farmers Market Map

This map provides a comprehensive view of farmers markets in the DC area and can be filtered by food access programs accepted, days of operation  as well as region.

Washington Post Greater DC CSA Map

There are 72 farms around the region offering community-supported agriculture (CSA) programs highlighted here. In a CSA, members stake a claim on part of a farm’s harvest by paying a set fee in advance for shares of produce and more. Find CSAs that serve your area by selecting a pickup location.


Are you a policy wonk, journalist, or informed citizen trying to understand legislation, regulations, and policies affecting food access in DC? We’ve brought together summaries and full-text of the some relevant laws here.

Feed DC Act of 2010



Cottage Food Act of 2013



The Healthy Tots Act of 2014



Part 2:

DC Food Policy Council and Director Establishment Act of 2014



FDA Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA)



Farmers’ Market Support Bill of 2013 – (Not Passed Yet)


Law: Law is pending passage by DC Council.

Farm to School Act of 2015 – (Not Passed Yet)



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