First Time Visitor?

If this is your first time visiting DUG or you just want to brush-up on how to use this site, we can help you learn how to get the most from your visit!

The site is organized to help you get plugged into DC’s food and environment movement with local organizations, guides and events related to gardening, food and the environment.

  1.    Looking for something in particular? Whether you need help finding mulch or a volunteer opportunity, we’ve got you covered. Browse through our conveniently organized lists of DC area organizations and programs in the “Garden Organizations,” “Environmental Organizations” and “Food Access & Nutrition” menu items to find what you are looking for and an organization or program that can get you connected!


  1.   Looking for something near you? The DUG Map has hundreds of community gardens, non-profit organizations, compost collectives and more from across the DC metro area. Zoom in on your neighborhood and see what’s around. Click on one of the map’s place markers for all the info about that organization.


  1.    Looking for something to do? On DUG’s Calendar of Events to find events at area farmers markets, gardens, organizations and parks to meet-up for crafts, cooking, outdoor fun, workshops and new friends.


  1.    Looking to learn something new? We’re into helping you cultivate community along with your cabbage.  You can browse our Tools and Guides menus to get started on your DIY project, clean energy renovation, school or advocacy program.


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