Permaculture (Garden)

Permaculture is a sustainable method of agricultural production and environmental design that employs patterns and systems already found in nature. At its core, permaculture design seeks to minimize waste and human labor by building lasting, complex systems capable of producing a high density of food and materials with minimal effort, while also emphasizing healthy ecosystems. Check out the local organizations below for more information to learn more more about how you can use permaculture principles in your garden, as well as where you can visit sites currently applying permaculture principles.

Chesepeake Permaculture Alliance

Closed Permaculture facebook group in the Cheseapeake area. Must request permission to join group.


logo for Forested

Our mission: Advance forest agriculture, so forests and people thrive together. Our 50 year vision is for forest garden ecosystems to sustainably supply a large portion of all food and forest products people need and use for healthy living. We have a special focus on the eastern United States where the Forested research garden is located. We also offer education and services with worldwide application.


Harvest Collective

logo for Harvest Collective

The Harvest Collective is a grassroots movement dedicated to creating edible ecosystems and providing permaculture education programs that are empowering homeowners, students, and volunteers to develop a deeper connection with their food, health, community, and habitat.

Organic Edible Gardens

Organic Edible Gardens LLC is a sustainable garden design, build and maintenance company servicing the Northern Virginia and DC Metro areas. We specialize in creating edible and ecologically-sustainable landscapes that sustain and regenerate local ecosystems while providing material and aesthetic benefits to people. Established in 2010, Organic Edible Gardens is a vibrant response to the lack of individuality, productivity and sustainability typical of Northern Virginia landscapes.

Organic Edible Gardens

Permie Kids

We are a Community Supported Education (CSE) network that inspires, supports and shares the collective wisdom of nature and community-oriented families, educators, artists and designers. Our role is to help you remember and use what is already uniquely present in your place and community to create resilient and regenerative “learning landscapes” that help children design beautiful relationships with themselves, others and nature.

Permie Kids

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