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You can also make a positive impact on your health, the environment, and global human rights every day through your purchases, lifestyle choices, and lobbying efforts. Consider joining these local, community-led efforts to support national and global causes.


Vote Yes on DC Initiative 77 on June 19

An initiative to gradually raise the minimum wage for tipped workers to match the city’s minimum wage is on the ballot for voters in Washington, D.C., on June 19, 2018.

  • A yes vote is a vote in favor of gradually increasing the minimum wage for tipped employees to the city’s standard minimum wage by 2026
  • A no vote is a vote against gradually increasing the minimum wage for tipped employees to the city’s standard minimum wage by 2026.

Initiative 77 aims to eliminate the tipped minimum wage in Washington, D.C., by gradually increasing the wage for tipped employees until it is equal to minimum wage law for non-tipped employees. As of March 2018, tipped workers received a base wage of $3.33 an hour.

Urge Councilmember Evans to support DC’s “Save Good Food Amendment Act of 2017”

Councilmember Cheh introduced a bill entitled “The Save Good Food Amendment Act of 2017“(

This bill includes several strategies for decreasing wasted food in the District, including:

1) Providing a tax credit for grocery stores, restaurants, and urban farms that donate healthy foods to charitable organizations;
2) Expanding liability protections for food donors that donate directly to individuals, and for non-profit organizations that charge a small fee to cover the handling and preparation of food donations;
3) Requiring DOH to only require date labels on food products where there is an increased safety risk related to when the date passes; and
4) Requiring DOH and the Office of Waste Diversion (in DPW) to develop a food donation guide, including safety regulations, best practices, and a list of organizations that accept donated food. DOH will also have to train health inspectors on the information in the guide.


The bill was referred to the Health Committee and the Finance Committee for review. and there was a Public Hearing for comments on March 28th

Join DC Fair Food to Boycott Wendy’s

This local campaign to support a national Fair Food Program to ensure the human rights of farm workers. First launched by the  Coalition of Immokalee Workers   in 2011 the campaign boycotted Burger King, McDonalds, Walmart, Publix, Taco Bell, and Whole Foods, forcing them to signed on to ensure humane wages and working conditions for the workers who pick fruits and vegetables on participating farms.. Former President Bill Clinton said the effort was, “brilliant … You’ve got a success model, and you ought to put the pedal to the metal…”

We are working to get Wendy’s to sign on to efforts instead of importing tomatoes from Mexico. Learn more at the National Boycott Website.





For more information about causes, campaigns and direct actions, DC locally and nationally, please check out The Responsible Consumer

The Responsible Consumer website includes information on:

– Calendar of over 100 upcoming Direct Actions, Trainings, and Meetings
– Over 100 products and companies to promote and boycott
– Over a 100 national & local campaigns covering over 100 issues
– Links to 100s of resources and organizations making a difference
– Lists of credible and non credible news sources for all political views
– Inspiration to keep on fighting

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