Local CSAs, Buyers Clubs, Delivery Services

What is the difference between a Buyers Club and a CSA?  
A buyers club allows you to place orders for the specific foods items that you want, when you want them. In a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture program), the member pays for the season upfront and receives a basket of various foods that are in season at each pickup. Both are great ways to get local produce direct from farmers.

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DC Locally Grown CSAs

CSA and Buyers Club Pickups from Mid Atlantic Farms Outside DC

Mid Atlantic Farms Aggregate Delivery Services

DC Locally Grown CSAs



Ward 1

Ward 2

Ward 5

Three Part Harmony Farm CSA (veggie or seedlings) – 3104 4th St NE
(Pick up at Emergence Community Arts Collective, Brookland, Park View, Takoma Park)
         Flowers X Flores (flowers grown with regenerative practices) – 3104 4th St NE @Three Part Harmony Farm

Ward 6

Up Top Acres Rooftop Grown CSA – 55 M Street SE
Ward 7
DC Urban Greens Farm to Front Door CSA – 3779 Ely Pl SE
(Only for Ward 7 & 8  Will deliver to your door)
Accepts WIC, SNAP (EBT), Cash or Credit
Ward 8

C.R.I.S.P. CSA  (THEARC Farm) – 1901 Mississippi Ave SE

Cultivate the City (Produce or Seedlings) – 910 Bladensburg Rd NE

Mixture of DC grown and Mid Atlantic Farms

(Pick up available at 6 different farmers markets)

Greater DC Maryland

Ecocity Farms CSA – 6010 Taylor Road, Riverdale, Md. 20737

Up Top Acres CSA (Pike & Rose)2 locations in North Bethesda

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CSA and Buyers Club Pickups from Mid Atlantic Farms Outside DC

Recovered Food CSA

Hungry Harvest
Hungry Harvest, LLC aims to end waste and hunger and create an efficient agricultural food system with zero waste by supplying gleaned and recovered produce that is fresh, affordable, and convenient.

Lists of CSA Serving DC

Local Harvest: DC CSAs

DCist: The Best Of D.C.’s Winter CSAs

DCist: A Guide to D.C.’s Flexible CSAs

Washington Post: Where to sign up for a CSA in the Washington area

Humane DC’s Pick Up Locations for Farmer Markets, CSAs, and Buyer Club from Local Farms with Higher Animal Welfare (Pasture raised, etc) for Meat and Dairy

Green – CSA pickup sites only from humane farms (Must sign up in advance)
Orange – Farmers market stands from humane farms
Grey – Buyers club pickup sites
Red – no humane vendor info yet
Blue – Options that need followup for more details

* Please visit each farm website for updates and instructions before visiting any site

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Mid Atlantic Farms Aggregate Delivery Services

Grassfed on the Hill

From the Farmers

Home Grown Cow

KOL Foods (Certified Kosher )

Little Farm Stand

Washington Green Grocers

4p Foods


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