Garden Supplies

Looking for garden supplies such as tools, plants, compost, etc?  Looking for ways to get them cheap or free?  Check out the resources below.

Table of Contents

Map of Garden Centers
List of Garden Centers
Free Sources of Garden Supplies
Seed Companies
Annual Plant Sales
Tool Rentals (Including chicken coops and weed eating goats)
Tree Services and Woodchips
Misc Garden Supplies
Garden Installation Services

Map of Garden Centers

Blue – Garden Centers (some bulk deliveries)
Orange – Compost, soil, mulch bulk deliveries only
Red – Places to Pickup Free Compost (some have delivery for a fee)
Grey – Free Manure Pickup

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List of Garden Centers

Need to buy garden supplies from tools, seeds, soil, etc.  Check out these garden centers in Greater DC.

History of Old City Farm and Guild

Garden Centers of Greater DC

American Plant

Ace Hardwares

Denchfield Landscaping and Nursery

Frager’s Hardware

Ginkgo Gardens

Hampton Nursery

H St. Rooftop Farm
(at WS Jenks and Sons Hardware)

Home Depot

Johnson’s Florist & Garden Centers

JR Wright and Sons

Lone Cedar Farm

Lowe’s Home Improvement

Merrifield Garden Center

Patuxent Nursery

Purple Mountain Organics

Old City Farm and Guild


Veterans Compost

W.S. Jenks

Bulk Deliveries of Compost, Soil, and Mulch

Brookville Landscape Supply

Central Sod

City of College Park

DC Water Biosolids Program: Bloom

Grey Goose Farm

Maryland Landscape Supply

Merrifield Garden Center

Patuxent Nursery

Rels Landscaping

Saunders Landscape Supply

Takoma Park Public Works

The Stone Store

Tri-State Stone

Veteran Compost

Need a Delivery Dump Truck to Pick up Compost?

Dejavue Trucking
Dump truck for hire to transport soil and soil amendments in DC.

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Free Sources of Garden Supplies

Places to Pickup Free Compost

Many DPW centers will process street leaves, dead trees, and Christmas trees into mulch or compost at different centers around greater DC. Most places will allow you to pickup this mulch/compost for free and some places will deliver for a reasonable price.   Its always a good idea to call ahead to see if they have any material at all. And it’s hard to tell when the material is half broken down (mulch) or fully broken down (compost) and there may be trash or containments depending on where the material was picked up. But hey…its free!

Alexandria Department of Public Works Yard Waste Recycling

Arlington County Department of Environment 

DC Department of Public Works Fort Totten Transfer Station

Takoma Park Public Works Department

Free Sources of Horse Manure

When picking up manure you want to make sure its

    • completely organic (National Park Stables are 100% organic)
      • aged (composted or sitting for a year and ready to go into a garden)
    • or fresh (not ready for a garden but great to mix into a compost pile or to let sit in a pile for a year before putting into a garden.)

Fort Dupont Stables

Rock Creek Park Horse Center

Wheaton Park Stables

Sites to Find Free Garden Supplies and Plants

DC Craigslist Free Site

Free Cycle DC

Free Shared Services

DC Parks and Rec (DPR) Toolshare

DC Parks and Rec (DPR) Community Compost Cooperative Network 

DC Parks and Rec (DPR) Greenhouse Cooperative

Free Plants

Casey Trees Community Tree Planting (CTP) Program
Free community tree plantings of 10 or more trees

DOEE/Casey Trees Tree Rebate Program
$50 rebates for 15’ trees (fruit trees included) and $100 rebates for large canopy trees

Seed Companies
Many seed companies give away their last year seeds to non profits, schools and sometimes consumers. May need to pay shipping.  Explore each seed company’s website before contacting to see details.

Free Misc Garden Services

Misc Utility
Planning on digging in new ground? It’s the law to call Miss Utility to check for utility lines first.
Maryland and DC –
Virginia –

Honey Bee Swarm Assistance
If you see a swarm of bees, please don’t harm them.  We need bee pollination to grow our food!  Instead, contact DC Beekeeper Alliance ASAP for removal.

Legal Assistance
The UDC Community Development Law Clinic offers free legal advice/assistance to selected non-profit organizations and small, urban entrepreneurs.  * Must be accepted as a client to receive legal assistance.

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Seed Companies

Besides picking up seeds at any garden center, check out these seed companies to get the exact type of seeds you’re looking for.  Also many seed companies give away their last year seeds to non profits, schools and sometimes consumers. May need to pay shipping.  Explore each seed company’s website before contacting to see details.

Seed Companies

Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds


Fedco Seeds

High Mowing Organic Seeds Garden

Johnny’s Seed Company

Johnson’s Florist & Garden Centers

Lake Valley Seeds

Native Seeds

Seeds Of Change

Southern Exposure Seed Exchange

Territorial Seed Company

The Victory Seed Company

True Love Seeds

Turtle Tree Seed

Marijuana Seeds and Clones

DC Seed Exchange

Marijuana Plants Online

Organizations that Host Seed Exchanges

Washington Gardener

Seed Keepers Collective
Join the DC Seed Keepers Collective! Gardeners, because: you grow; you want to help protect our food system; the plant people of color developed are an essential part of everyone’s diet; and we need each other. If you’re in DC, MD or VA and want to help farmers save seeds. Sign up. You get free/cheap seeds in interesting varieties and learn how to grow our supply of safe, diverse seed.

Ira Wallace – Southern Exposure Seed Exchange

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Annual Plant Sales

DC has a variety of great annual plant sales all year long.


Franciscan Monastery Garden Guild Annual Plant & Herb Sale

Friends of National Arboretum (FONA) Garden Fair and Plant Sale


Bethesda Community Garden Club Annual Plant Sale

City Blossoms Mighty Greens Eastern High School Seedling Sale

National Cathedral Flower Mart

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Tool Rentals

(Including chicken coops and weed eating goats)

Rent a Coop

Ace Hardwares


Frager’s Hardware

Home Depot Tool Rental

Rent a Coop

Sunbelt Rentals

W.S. Jenks

Meet the Eco-Goats

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Tree Services & Woodchips

Tree service and removal companies can often provide free deliveries of woodchips for gardeners throughout DC. Woodchips can be used for garden pathways, mulch for woody perennials (not a good mulch for annual vegetables) or carbon material for composting. You can coordinate directly with the tree removal companies below to request woodchips for your garden needs. ***When contacting tree companies be as respectful as possible and work on their timeframe. You are not a customer and they don’t have to donate their woodchips,***

Adirondack Tree Experts

Bartlett Tree Experts

Branches Tree Experts

C&D Tree Services

Carlos Tree Services

Community Bridge

Davey Tree Experts

Internet Tree Service

Kuhn’s Tree Service



Takoma Tree Experts

We Recycle Trees

Woodlawn Tree Service

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Misc Garden Supplies

International grocery store that sells cheap food grade 55-gallon barrells for retrofitting into rainbarrles or Bokashi Bins
6339 New Hampshire Ave Takoma Park, MD 20912

Locally made fertilizers

Tank Depot
Retail store for online ordering for a wide variety of cisterns

Uncle Jim’s Worm Farm
Composting worms delivered through the mail

Sources for Wood

American Cedar & Millwork
214 Najoles Rd, Millersville, MD 21108

Community Forklift
Recovered construction supplies
4671 Tanglewood Dr, Edmonston, MD 20781

Galliher & Huguely
5925 Blair Rd NW, Washington, DC 20011

Home Depot
Various Locations

TW Perry
9015 Brookville Road, Silver Spring, MD 20910

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Garden Installation Services

Casey Trees (free community tree plantings)

Cultivate the City

DC Gardens Landscaping

District Garden

Eco Honey Bees

Fairies’ Crossing


Love and Carrots

Matt’s Habitats

Organic Edible Gardens

Purple Mountain Organics

Rooftop Roots

Rooted and Sustained

The Enchanted Garden

Thomas Landscapes


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